Completed projects


RIGMEI (713RT0475/CYTED/2013)

“Red Iberoamericana de Generación Distribuida y Microrredes Eléctricas Inteligentes” - Thematic network, consisting of 12 research groups from 8 countries (a total of 70 researchers) was a forum for discussion and exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, participated by specialists in distributed generation and electric microgrids. Completed: 2016.



Applied research joint project with the Tomar municipality and IBM, to create a Smart City environment specifically targeted at the 2015 edition of the Trays Festival, a cultural event that takes place in the city every 4 years. The “Smarter Fest” was successfully implemented with the contribution of postgraduate students from the Analytics and Business Intelligence MSc Program from IPT. João Patrício, Luís Oliveira and Nuno Madeira